Types of Design Jobs for Creative People

There are two main ways to define a designer. The first is the person who creates designs for clients, often known as the graphic designer. This is a job that’s well suited for creative people. The other type is the person who develops the concepts behind a company’s products, often called the interaction designer. This type of job is perfect for those who love creating things. The following are some of the types of design jobs.

Graphic designer

A graphic designer can be someone with artistic talent and skills, or they may have a more business-like background in corporate design. It all depends on what kind of work you want to do most, but if your goal is just making pretty logos and brochures, it’s probably not a good fit. Graphic designers create works for advertising, sales material, presentations, websites, video games, printed materials and more. They also help companies develop new services, brand their products, manage projects, set directions, and promote marketing efforts. Some graphic designers also write copy for ads and newsletters. But there’s no universal definition of a graphic designer. 


You don’t need to go to school for becoming a photographer, though some schools offer training programs. Photographers usually learn their trade through apprenticeship under an experienced professional. Apprenticeships typically last one year, after which time the apprentice has the opportunity to take over his or her mentor’s studio and assume responsibility for it, visit francaisonlinecasinos.net. Working as an assistant to a photographer is another option. Here you’d spend several hours a day working directly under the photographer, taking pictures at his direction and developing them when he returns from shoots. You should expect to start out making about $20-$25 per hour, depending upon experience and location.

Interior designer

An interior designer helps homeowners make improvements to their living spaces by transforming existing rooms into livable spaces. Depending on where you pursue your education, the range of duties performed by an interior designer varies greatly. A bachelor of arts program is best suited for those individuals interested in studying topics such as architecture, engineering, fine art or fashion, according to the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). Those who attend a four-year college would benefit from studying general design principles and management techniques. Upon graduation, students would enter the workforce immediately and begin designing houses for private clients.


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