Amazing Ways to Make Money from Home as a Creative

There are plenty of opportunities for creatives to turn their hobby into a full-time income source. From writing to graphic design to video production, there are countless ways to get paid to create original work. If you’re interested in learning more about these options, check out our article below.

Sell Snaps to Stock Websites

Snaps (Snapchat) is another great way to sell your photos and videos online without having to use copyright or Creative Commons protected images. The advantage of this method is that it’s free to upload your snaps! Once uploaded, you can then choose from a list of websites with which you want people to be able to share the snap links. When someone clicks on one of those links, they automatically receive a link back to your Snap account so if they like what they see, they can buy it by sending you money through PayPal. This is a fantastic option to have available because once you set up a Snap account, it becomes very easy to keep them updated on whatever new shoots you take. With my personal Snapchat account, I update people whenever I have something new going on.

Start a Blog

Blogging has become a popular way to make money online, and there are tons of blogs that will pay writers $5-$25 per post. You know you’ll have a steady supply of content if you start at sites like or WordPress. But even if you don’t monetize your blog immediately, you can still earn revenue as a blogger. For instance, Dell runs its proprietary payment system called Salesforce Pay, and it also offers third parties access to its billing software via API calls. Your small business could do the same thing, but instead of building a product, you would build a solution that connects to the customer’s billing software.

Sell Digital Prints on Etsy or Instagram

If you love arts and crafts, why not put some of your designs in digital format to sell? Many bloggers are now selling handcrafted items on Etsy. It’s also possible to sell prints on Instagram. By uploading artwork or graphic files to any of these platforms, you’re creating products that will reach interested buyers around the world. Some people prefer to work with Etsy or other e-commerce marketplace services, while others stick with selling on social media platforms. Whichever platform you decide to use, just ensure that you offer high-quality art at a reasonable price. And don’t worry too much about shipping costs many platforms cover these fees for sellers.


Creating a website isn’t hard, but it does require time. Before starting, think about how long it takes to complete each step outlined above: research domain names, search engine optimization, hosting, buying ads, creating marketing campaigns and promoting your site.