How to be More Creative

Is creativity something only artists excel at? Not necessarily. Creativity is a skill everyone can benefit from, whether they are working in art or another field. This article shows how to be more creative.

Ask the Right Question to be More Creative

Asking good questions helps get to the bottom of things that may have been bothering you for some time. By addressing what’s bothering you directly rather than letting it fester you will be able to find solutions. This way, your work will improve as well. To help you with this, I’ve written an entire book called Ask The Right Questions which gives you specific strategies for asking better questions. I recommend getting hold of a copy and giving it a read before tackling any problem head-on.

Take Advantage of the Brainstorming Process

When brainstorming about possible ideas, don’t just focus on solving problems but consider the positive aspects of them too. A great example of this is when people come up with new ways to deliver products using innovative methods like drones and 3D printing visit It’s unlikely these processes would have made their way into mainstream practice without coming up with some good ideas first.

The same process applies to improving existing business models. Asking “What could we do to make our current model more effective?” opens up all sorts of possibilities that you might not have thought of otherwise. In short, always think outside of the box.

Keep Trying New Ideas

No matter how many times you try something and fail, you should never give up! You need to keep trying until you figure out what works best for you. If you did eventually succeed and now want to develop a method that has worked previously, then take note of what changed and apply that to other areas.

Don’t Be Afraid To Share Your Ideas

If you have an idea that doesn’t work out, feel free to share it with others. Even if you didn’t follow through yourself, by helping others who did realize the potential of their idea you may end up with a bigger impact than you ever envisaged. One person alone cannot change the world, but together we can.

Do What You Love

It can often seem difficult to express your true passion to those around you. However, there is no point trying if your heart isn’t involved because nothing you’re doing will make much sense. Do what makes you happy because once you do, you will put so much more effort into your work.


As you can see, making sure you are continuously learning is essential to business growth and success. There are plenty of resources available online today that can help you in this regard. So why not start thinking about how you can use them to be more creative.?